Shelley King

Shelley King’s reviews



'Shelley King swallows insults as the devious spouse. The acting is calm and deadly'.

- Allen Saddler, The Independent

'Shelley king's Mrs Modern is big on physical gestures, which she makes with the deliberation of a Burmese temple dancer'

- Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times

'Brimming with fiesty energy, she schemes; seduces, cries and claws her way through the play with total credibility'.

- Douglas McPherson, What’s On

'In another strikingly etched portrait, Shelley King, demostrates the cancerous effect sexual and monetary avarice can work on a beautiful woman'.

- Jack Tinker, The Daily Mail

'Shelley King's Mrs Modern, no patsy but a Machiavellian intriguer in furious scarlet, shine in evening of elegant intricacy'.

- Michael Billington, The Guardian